Dr. Bob Leshaw helps his patients…

Doctor Leshaw,

I want to thank you for the treatments. I am so much better able to walk stairs and all the pain is almost gone.

Jean H., Plantation Florida


I am so amazed!!! I went to Dr. Robert Leshaw with an excruciating pain in my neck. I couldn’t even turn my head left or right but within 24 hours after my first adjustment I began getting some relief. After the third adjustment my neck was feeling normal again.

I am convinced that without Dr. Bob’s expertise I would still be in pain. Dr. Leshaw is a true professional who takes the time to explain the problem and procedure. Thank you Dr. Leshaw, I really appreciate it.

Lisa W., Plantation Florida


My neck and upper back & shoulders prompted me to seek Dr. Leshaw’s help. They had been having spasms and a stiff neck pain for several weeks.

Dr. Leshaw has really helped loosen all those tight muscles, etc.

As proof, my daughter says she can tell by hugging me that I am much more loose and flexible than I was before treatment. Thanks Dr. Bob, also Judy for being so nice and cordial while I’m waiting.

Thanks again

Pat M., Plantation Florida


I would like to take this opportunity to commend Dr. Leshaw for a job well done! Just a few months ago I suffered from severe back pain that limited my daily activities. Today almost all of the pain is gone, and I am enjoying many of my favorite physical activities again.  Thanks, Dr. Leshaw!

John T., Plantation, Florida